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Carrier Services:


                               A-Z destinations worldwide with high voice quality and competitive rates. Having been interconnected with the major and reputed companies, offer a wide-array of revenue opportunities for carriers and retailers worldwide. The company has its own and partner switches in Western Europe, South Asia and USA. Taking advantage of different Time Zones, networks are operated and supported round the clock by a host of highly skilled and experienced professionals.


VoIP Operations:


                               Successful overnight entries into the VOIP business. We offer our know-how and expertise thru around-the-clock consultancy and support. There are numerous possibilities for Joint Ventures and other mutual operations. Our flexibility allows for a custom-tailored approach and provides opportunities for on-going service development and enhancement. You can enjoy all the benefits of VOIP technologies and services with minimal investments.


VoIP Servers:


                         Communications solutions that provides cost effective, robust, and expandable PBX solutions based on the Open Source Platform. Class 5 telephony server that runs on the Linux operating system.

Integrating open source software and standards based hardware, the cost to purchase and operate a business phone system is dramatically reduced and flexibility is greatly enhanced.

The VoiceIP Solutions integrates with your company's data network using Voice-Over-IP technology, allowing dramatic cost savings by reducing or eliminating long-distance toll-charges and increasing functionality.

Our solutions are vendor neutral and standards based, allowing you to choose the hardware that best meets your business needs and your budget.

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